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Following the Paleo Plan

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2011 09:37AM PDT


Paleo Plan is a system for eating the Paleo Diet, providing recipes, shopping lists, and explicit meal plans along the way. We try to make the entire process as easy as possible, and our goal is to make eating Paleo a seamless part of your life. However, understanding a few things about Paleo Plan will make this easier.


Paleo Plan provides 4 meals a day, every day. The focus is on providing relatively simple to cook meals that can be prepared quickly without sacrificing quality. Our weekday meals are often easier to prepare and will often consist of recurring items. We do this so our users can get used to making certain dishes and not have to rely on a recipe every time they enter the kitchen. However, we try to take advantage of weekends to allow for more complex and interesting recipes, and will often put our new and more adventurous recipes on those days. If your week isn’t Monday through Friday, feel free to adjust the days as necessary; just be careful to notice next-day leftovers so you’re not unprepared for a day’s lunch.

Prep days
We encourage users to take advantage of Sundays as a time to pre-cook and chop items that will be used throughout the week. If you know Wednesdays are a busy day for you, take a look ahead and see what you can do to make that meal easier to prepare on your off-day. We’ll often suggest certain things that can be done as a suggestion, but do what makes sense for your schedule.

Flex Days
Our Flex Day is a day that is optional for you to follow Paleo Plan. Be it a busy schedule, lunch meetings, or even a holiday with special meals planned, not everyone can follow every single meal every day. So, each week we’ll highlight a flex day in the meal plan and offer two shopping lists. One shopping list will include every item for the whole week (shoppinglist-full), and one list will leave out the items for the meals in the flex day (shoppinglist-flex). Choose which you want to follow, and take that list to the grocery store.

Obviously, you can feel free to move that day around, or break it up across several days. Just be watching for how we use leftovers so you’re not suddenly unprepared for a lunch one day.

Shopping Lists
There are lots of items that you may not need to buy every week and that have a long shelf life (think honey or frozen berries). In our shopping list we’ve included a small area where you can fill in the amount of each ingredient you already have in your kitchen before you head to the store. This means if you already have 6 eggs from last week, and you need 12 for the meal plan, you know you only need to buy a half-dozen and be good for the week. Hopefully this allows more flexibility not only for your plan, but for how you buy your food.


Number of people
Paleo Plan is designed for two people following the plan together. The shopping list and the recipes themselves provide guidance for what two average people eat. You may want to adjust the quantities for your specific needs.

In general, each meal is focused around 3-5 ounces of meat per serving. This depends slightly on the meal’s other ingredients. In some cases, there aren’t specific portion sizes (for instance, a breakfast may just advise to add ham, but not give a portion amount). In those instances, you should assume 4oz is average, and add up or down based on preference. We’ve tried to make that easy for you to adjust by merely listing the number of servings you’ll be having in the shopping list so you can purchase accordingly.

Generic Foods
Many times we list “fruit” or “nuts” or similar in our meal plans. In these cases, we leave it to you to decide which types of fruit or nuts you would prefer, and allow you to keep it interesting and seasonal based on your location. Again, our shopping list will merely say “Fruit: 4 servings.” This is to inform you that each adult will have 2 servings each of fruit, and you should purchase accordingly.

Many dinners are designed to have enough for leftovers later in the week. Unless explicitly stated, the recipes themselves will be enough for leftovers without modification. When the recipe is good only for two servings, we’ll notify you to double the recipe in order to have leftovers. And in all cases, the shopping list will be appropriate for the amount of food necessary.

We also use weekend lunches and snacks as a chance to graze the fridge and pick out any meals you may have missed over the week. There may be a few pieces of fruit left, or even a salad from the week’s lunch. Take this opportunity to finish the week’s groceries so you’re not throwing anything away.


If you’d like to see a sample of our menus and shopping list, we’ve listed each below. Feel free to try this out for a week and see if it works for your schedule. We think it will.

Download the Shopping List (Full List including Flex Day) (.pdf)
Download the Shopping List (Flex List does not include Flex Day) (.pdf)
Download the Meal Plan (.pdf)